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Dangerous liaisons: inside the world of 'Chemsex'

Shot over the course of one year, a new documentary looks at gay men who regularly use drugs during sex.






Make the Elimination of Viral Hepatitis Our Next Greatest Achievement


This year sees the first ever World Health Organization’s Global Elimination Strategy for Viral Hepatitis, which outlines a goal of eliminating viral hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030.


To mark this momentous occasion, the #WHD2016 theme is elimination. The theme of elimination runs across various activities including treatment, prevention, awareness, tackling stigma etc. To reach elimination, we need a unified approach amongst patients, policymakers, public and medical professionals.


#NOhep, a global elimination movement, will be launched on WHD2016 to bring people together and provide a platform for people to speak out, be engaged and take action to ensure global commitments are met and viral hepatitis is eliminated by 2030.


Sign up to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030.


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Is a new app for people living with HIV. BeYou+ provides HIV specific information about your body, mind & life to help you achieve your goals. Created by HIV experts at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation. Funded and developed by hospital charity, CW+ and technology company Imagineear.





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#hepCtreat insights

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A patient’s perspective through their hepatitis C treatment and care journey