A patient’s perspective through their hepatitis C treatment and care journey

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HepCure is an innovative app for patients with Hepatitis C that supports you from treatment start to finish. Learn more about your condition, track your treatment, and connect with your care team. Hep C is a curable condition, and with HepCure, you can reach the finish line


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About me...


My name is David Rowlands and I engage and support patients living with HIV and/or hepatitis C to manage their health by tailoring treatment and care to meet individual needs.


I was diagnosed with HIV in 2003 aged 21. In 2012 I was diagnosed with hepatitis C, genotype 1a. Then in 2013 I started an interferon-based therapy. The aim of completing a 48 week course.


Due to the side-effects of treatment I completed only 28 weeks and during this time I struggled with my physical and poor mental health. It was agreed with my healthcare team that treatment should be stopped for my own health and wellbeing. This was disappointing as I did not achieve the treatment outcome as first thought.


After waiting for some time, now new direct-acting antiviral medicines to treat hepatitis C have started to be made available to eligible patients in England within the NHS.


These treatments are fast acting, relatively side-effect free and have been shown to free the majority of patients of the virus. The new treatments adoption within the NHS follows recommendations made by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in November 2015 which are now coming into practice.

Why share my experience?  


  • To engage with people to test for hepatitis C

  • Breakdown stigma and barriers

  • Challenge perceptions

  • Encourage people to access treatment

  • Document a changing landscape

  • Support family, friends and work colleagues to better understand my experience

  • Better understand support networks

  • Improve peer to peer support

  • Enable me to reflect on my journey



17 insights before, during and after my 12 week hepatitis C treatment.

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Can Treatment as Prevention work for hepatitis C?


Better drugs has helped increase interest in treatment as prevention for hepatitis C. In this article I examine the issues and the responses to an online poll, which asked whether rates of HCV reinfection would increase in London over the next decade.


Examining consent to sex while high on drugs: ChemSex


We need to talk about ChemSex: risks of hepatitis C and HIV are high as more gay men in the UK are presenting to clinicians with complicated issues associated with drug use and consent to sex in ChemSex environments.

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