Hepatitis C in England 2018 report


All-Party Parliamentary Group on Liver Health - Elimination of Hepatitis C in England


Primrose Lodge - Recovery is getting better


Tackling blood-borne viruses 'A framework for UK prisons'


Global hepatitis report 2017


Hepatitis C patients and nurses highlight impact of the virus reports


Patient Activist Toolkit


National Clinical Guidelines for the treatment of HCV in adults


HCVaction.org.uk Resources


The 2016 Hep-CORE Report


Hepatitis C Commissioning Toolkit


EASL Recommendations on Treatment of Hepatitis C 2016


Tools for Change: webinar series to enhance the power of patient advocacy


HepCure is an innovative app for patients with Hepatitis C


4 Ways to Save Time & Stay Updated Using the HCV Mobile App


Referring clients/patients to ChemSex support at 56 Dean Street


GBD Compare: A new data tool for professionals


Scottish Government: Sexual Health And Blood Borne Virus Framework 2015-2020


WHO: Prevent hepatitis: Act Now


Together We Can See Our Future: Produced by Hepatitis Australia


New EASL guidelines prioritise interferon-free hepatitis C treatment


The Beginning of the End for HCV in HIV: Or the End of the Beginning? - current and emerging therapeutic regimens to improve treatment decision-making for patients with HIV/HCV coinfection.


The Penrose Report: Preliminary Report


ChemSex and Hepatitis C: a guide for healthcare providers


Scaling up screening for viral hepatitis in Europe: Toolkit


Bloodborne viruses: eye of the needle: HPE 2014


Report on the Impact of welfare reform on people with HIV and hepatitis in Scotland 2014


Sexualised drug use by MSM Background, current status and response report by David Stuart including Toolkit for Nurse and GUM staff.


Global Policy Report and Civil Society Report of viral hepatitis


HTB supplement: 2014 Pipeline Report: ibase


Monthly report on the introduction of opt-out bloodborne viruses (BBV) testing in prisons. July 2014


Tackling hepatitis C: Moving towards an integrated policy approach', a report published by The Economist, June 2014


The Uncomfortable Truth. Hepatitis C in England: The State of the Nation. 2013:The Hepatitis C Trust


Addressing hepatitis C in prions and other places if detention: Recommendations to the NHS 2013


The Chemsex Study: Exploring sex and drugs among gay men in south London


EASL: The European Association for the Study of the Liver


Confronting the silent epidemic: A critical review of hepatitis C management in the UK report


Health Protection Agency Report on Hepatitis C: 2013


A professional’s guide to hepatitis C and injection drug use 2009


Tackling Blood Borne Viruses in Prison - A framework for best practice in the UK - NAT


The Hepatitis C Trust     


The British Liver Trust 








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