Have your say: contribute to the UN’s work to end TB, HIV and viral hepatitis in the WHO European Region

By David Rowlands, Dec 18 2017 11:08AM

The WHO Regional Office for Europe is seeking input on a United Nations (UN) common position paper on ending tuberculosis (TB), HIV and viral hepatitis through intersectoral collaboration, drafted in collaboration with sister UN agencies. The consultation survey will remain available until 11 January 2018 and can be accessed here.

The paper illustrates the factors outside the health sector that influence the ongoing epidemics of TB, HIV and viral hepatitis in the WHO European Region, and sets a vision for cross-sectoral actions, highlighting principles and directions. It also looks at possible and practical means of implementation and evaluation.

The five questions in the survey focus on the sections that concern shared principles, directions for action, and accountability and operationalization.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes and is anonymous.

Source of infomration www.eatg.org


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