How a London clinic reduced new HIV infections by 90% and why more European cities can do the same

By David Rowlands, Oct 27 2017 12:29PM

Scaling up HIV testing to reduce undiagnosed HIV infection requires a fundamental re-ordering of HIV testing services to make them more attractive to people at risk, and doing so can bring about enormous changes in HIV incidence and treatment uptake, delegates heard on the opening day of the 16th European AIDS Conference (EACS 2017) in Milan.

Over the past three years, one clinic in London has seen recent HIV infections among gay and bisexual men using its services fall by around 90%. The experience of the 56 Dean Street clinic, in the heart of London’s West End, illustrates how services may need to change to improve rates of HIV diagnosis, increase the numbers of people on treatment and reduce new HIV infections among key populations, especially men who have sex with men.


Source of infomation www.AIDSmap.com


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