NHS strikes up a 'pay as you cure' deal for hepatitis C drug: Manufacturer agrees to pay for those who aren't cured

By David Rowlands, Sep 13 2017 10:58AM

The cash-strapped NHS has struck up a 'pay as you cure' deal for a hepatitis C drug as it desperately attempts to save money.

Under the new deal, which is the first of its kind, the National Health Service will only pay for the medication if a patient is successfully cured.

For those who aren't cured by taking the medication, its manufacturer, who hasn't been identified, will cough up and pay the fee.

If it proves successful, the move by NHS England could be adopted for other costly treatments to reduce the nation's drug bill.

Currently, the health service spends more than £15 billion on the range of drugs it provides every year, according to official figures.

It comes amid repeated cuts to the NHS, which has seen various services scrapped in recent months, creating a 'postcode lottery' for many.



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