People living with HIV in the UK not receiving appropriate monitoring of heart disease risk

By David Rowlands, Sep 28 2017 08:03AM

The majority of HIV-positive people in the UK are not receiving recommended monitoring of cardiovascular risk, according to the results of an audit conducted by the British HIV Association (BHIVA) published in BMC Infectious Diseases.

The audit also showed that only a small minority of people are receiving appropriate monitoring of bone mineral density and fracture risk. There was wide variation between clinics in monitoring rates for some conditions. But the survey also revealed some excellent practice, with monitoring of viral load and adherence to antiretrovirals exceeding national targets.

“There was high participation in the national audit and the data showed good practice in some areas,” comment the authors. “However, low recorded rates of monitoring of cardiovascular risk were noted and smoking status was not reported for one in seven patients, and less than half of current smokers were offered cessation support.”

Improvements in treatment and care means that HIV is now a chronic, manageable condition with many HIV-positive people having a normal or near-normal life expectancy.

Cardiovascular, liver, kidney and bone disease are now important causes of illness in HIV-positive individuals. The prompt identification of these conditions is important so that appropriate therapy can be initiated.


Source of information www.aidsmap.com


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