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Welcome to this series of 4 #hepCtreat podcasts. A patient's perspective through their hepatitis C treatment and care journey.


These podcasts provide an in depth look at my experience as well as breaking down the barriers placed on the disease due to stigma, hopefully informing and challenging your perceptions of hepatitis C.


Podcast 1







In this podcast, I will be giving you of overview of who I am, the reasons why I am sharing my experience and then focusing on testing & diagnoses and finally preparing myself for my treatment.



Podcast 2







In this 2nd podcast, I will be focusing on my treatment choice. The importance of adherence, engaging in Emotional and psychological support, The AbbVie Care Patient Support Programme, Why Motivation is key and my experience of Side-effects.



Podcast 3







In this 3rd podcast,  I will be focusing on the importance of healthy living, The impact of social media, A nurse’s perspective, My Health & well-being tracker and Sustainable lifestyle change.



Podcast 4







In this final podcast, I will to be focusing on believing in and measuring my treatment success. The Alarming rates of reinfection and my Final thoughts about my treatment and care journey.