This year there has been a 64% rise in people sleeping rough in Leicester, say statistics released by the government.


Information collected from 27 Health Needs Audits across England showed…


86% reported some kind of mental health issue, diagnosed or  



44% had been diagnosed with a mental health issue, compared

to 25% of the general population,


41% said they take drugs or are recovering from a drug problem,


27% are recovering from an alcohol problem.

Throughout the week, we will be collecting donations by ww.JustGiving.com which will raise the profile of the project. This initiative is a great way to get people to back the project & help make it a reality.


Donations will…


•Support costs to produce a printed publication and video,


•Host a meeting of all supporters in the second quarter of 2018,


•Generate start-up costs for new projects in the city,


•Support existing organisations to make service developments.


A publication & video 'Homelessness Matters’ supported by students from De Montfort University will be produced of his experiences over the week which will address and devise solutions to the key health challenges that matter the most to the homeless community in Leicester.


This will be shared across the city with our supporters we have collaborated with as well as patient organisations, healthcare providers, physicians, stakeholders & policymakers.




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About the project…


David Rowlands will be living and sleeping on the streets of Leicester. for seven days and seven nights between the 5th-11th March 2018, to raise awareness & hear the often-unheard voices of the homeless community within Leicester.


During ‘National Conversation Week’ he will be visiting a range of support services available to the community to gain a better understanding of the unmet health needs of the homeless.


At 18.00 – 18.30 on each of these days, he will be publicly speaking about his experiences of the day at the Town Hall Square fountain.


Staff, volunteers & services users will also be invited to attend these events from where he has visited throughout the day. Organisations will have an opportunity to speak about their projects, addressing some of the challenges they are facing & celebrate their achievements.


The focus for these events are going to be... mental health, service access, drugs & alcohol, HIV, hepatitis C, relationships, health & Well-being.

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About David...


He is the Director of DR-web.co.uk, who bring together the healthcare industry & patient organisations to address & devise solutions to the key challenges that matter the most.


With thanks to Kenneth Coney for supporting the start-up costs of this project.


Images by TomRobson.com

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