Insight 17: “Measuring my treatment success”

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“Achievement of SVR 12 has implications beyond those of clearing viral infection; it is associated with improved long-term clinical outcomes, economic benefits and improved health-related quality of life”



Two specific things happen in post treatment:  


“Firstly, recovery that your body needs from treatment”

It takes time for the treatment medication to leave your system and recovery varies somewhat with each patient. I felt recovery from treatment side-effects tool some time.  Low fatigue hung on for at least a month.  All treatment side-effects slowly disappeared and at this time of post treatment week 12, the only side-effects that remain are occasional drop in energy and some slight concentration/memory issues.


“Secondly, monitoring with blood work, and healthcare checks”



How is the response to hepatitis C treatment measured?


A wide range of medical terms and abbreviations are used to describe responses to HCV treatment. In the past most have related to HCV viral load results at different times during and after treatment.


New terms are being used for latest HCV drugs (DAAs). A response in the 12 0r 24 weeks after the cessation of therapy is called a sustained virologic response, written as SVR 12 or SVR 24.



"I have achieved SVR 12"


Generally speaking if a successful SVR 12 is achieved the likelihood of Hepatitis C coming back after this period is extremely low (1%). People who have been cured hepatitis C can have a normal lifespan.


The clinical benefits associated with the achievement of SVR translate into clinically meaningful benefits for patients by improving symptoms, functioning and health related quality of life, compared with those not able to achieve SVR.



Why has treatment and care motivated me to move forward in my life?


•I know and feel that I have cured hepatitis C

•I don’t feel exhausted and irritable all of the time

•My brain fog has gone

•My liver health has improved

•I can drink alcohol again and moderate lifestyle

•I don’t need to worry about passing on hep C to someone else

•I won’t have to worry about whether to tell people I have hepatitis C any more

•I can live free from fear of serious liver disease or liver cancer.

•I can refocus on my work and career

•I now feel better and a stronger foundation for a brighter future.



“Let’s take control and eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030”




•Hepatitis C is a disease that progresses very slowly and sometimes very quickly. Many people do not know they have it until they have been infected for two decades or longer.

•We need to engage with individuals to understand the benefits of testing.

•Test regular and know our status.




•Hepatitis C can now be treated with all-oral treatments which are taken over a shorter duration and have fewer side-effects.

•Spend time to learn about the appropriate treatment and care which is wright for you. This will enable you the best chance of curing hepatitis C.

•Establish how to tailor care to your needs

•Only commit to treatment when you feel ready.




•Understand ways how hepatitis C can and is transmitted.

•Reduce or eliminate the risk of reinfection

•Speak to others about your experience to break down the barriers and challenges patients face.


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